Our commitment

to build real value

The experience of a professional team at the service of those companies wishing to operate in economically-advantageous markets

Before we get started

Before undertaking any internationalization process, in the client’s interest, we conduct a preliminary analysis of the company, of its characteristics, interests, potentiality and concrete possibilities of approaching the target market. Mesco can also carry out deep analysis regarding the company possible positioning on the market of interest, or assist the clients to evaluate the best markets for the products/services they offer.

On the way

Once a project has been defined, Mesco, helps the client to face and resolve all the problematics of practical, organizational, bureaucratic and commercial character in order to put the company in the best condition to achieve its objectives and get its internationalization project started.

At destination

On the territory, Mesco can assure the coordination and organization of all the necessary services and consultancies a business needs to operate safely and free of worries in an unfamiliar country. Mesco coordinates and manages the activities of all the local companies and professionals needed for the realization of its clients’ project of internationalization. Business partners are carefully selected allowing to identify the best subjects, answering to requirements of reliability and honesty both under the professional and ethical profile.

An accredited partner

Mesco is DUBAI FDI Italian partner. FDI is Dubai Government’s Agency with the purpose to facilitate foreign investments in the emirate. FDI is a branch of Dubai’s Department of Economy Development. As an institutional Government’s partner, Mesco, is therefore in the position to assist foreign companies at institutional level in UAE.

An innovative approach

An innovative smart on-line approach, dedicated to foreign companies, has been adopted to facilitate the acquisition of useful information from those businesses that are intending to internationalize and could be interested in Mesco’s services. With our service, available via mailing or through our private blog, you can access correctly-organized informative contents of high added value without having necessarily to leave your workplace.

Transparency and Clarity

All of Mesco services are designed for the specific needs of each client and object of estimate. Mesco’s tailor-made consultancy is supported by the informative on-line service; free for the “Basic” content, accessible through voluntary subscription to our mailing list, and with a fee for the “Advance” contents subscription. A direct quotation is given to specific enquiries.

A direct contact

Mesco, with its organization is structured to be operative both in Italy and in the Emirates, placing so, side by side, the innovation of the on-line connection and the advantage of having the opportunity to meet potential clients at their head-offices, or at Mesco Italian offices, and obviously also in the Emirates at their main head-office. A direct contact designed for foreign businesses, also in Italian language.