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Although Mesco can boast a solid presence both in the UAE and in Italy, we also supply an on-line consultancy service to further facilitate our consolidate and potential clientele during the information-acquisition stage, useful to plan or realize their projects.  Consultancies can take place through a mailing service or video conference sessions. Subscription to the “Basic on-line” service, that is our free mailing service, allow a company to receive information related to the UAE market and the Expo2020 event. The “Advance on-line” subscription gives access to a larger range of information, mostly but not exclusively related to Expo2020; information not accessible other than through direct interaction with Expo2020 management and participation to its workshops.  Information and news about the trends and potential opportunities of which only a daily and proactive presence on the territory can give knowledge. Mesco’s “Tailored on-line” service is a personalized consultancy with individual quotation that give the clients access to personalized on-line consultancies, among which also access to the results of Expo2020 and state tenders to quickly identify the tenders-winners and organize B2B meetings between them and companies interested in proposing themselves as sub-contractors or suppliers of the tender-winners.  All the consultancy services not included in a form of subscription will be quoted individually and in a transparent manner.

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Tailored on-line service

“Tailored on-line” is a service designed to use all the new technologies and make the first contact, or a preliminary study of an internationalization project, easier. It is a consultancy that Mesco supplies through reports and advice via email, or through audio/video conference sessions. This type of consultancy will be object of prior individual quotation, based on the client-requests’ type and the complexity of the enquiries’ themes. By filling up the form below you will have your query evaluated by our team of professionals who will answer sending you a proposal of appointment with the quotation for consultancy requested and the estimated time necessary. On agreement with the proposal, the client is asked to sign a copy of it and send the undersigned copy back to us by email. The payment will be regulated on-line as specified by the terms and conditions stated on the proposal. The consultancy will be supplied in the time frame and modality (written advice, audio/video conference) agreed on the letter of appointment.